Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Bay Sand Bass

San Diego Big Bay : : 3/30/2011
5.0 high tide @ 7:42am and a 0.0 low tide @ 2:08

Heavy Fog during early morning and Marine layer, got sunny downtown and toward back bay and Cornado Bridge. Good action early on. Flip and Pitch 3/8oz Chartreuse 3" Hybrid Flurry and Bleeding Olive Herring Big Hammer swimbaits into pilings. Big Bass were in that structure. Smaller bass were caught in the eel grass flats.

2 Sand Bass and 8 plus Spotted Bay Bass
All Catch | Photo | Release—Super fun.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New t-shirt design

Printed first sample run of spotted bay bass shirts in white with black ink. Printed some on black shirts with gray ink and added text overlay on top. Also printed some sweatshirts.

If you want one send me you shirt size and which design color you want. still have screens
on press...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spotted Bay Bass

San Diego Big Bay : : 3/28/2011
4.8 high tide @ 6:01am and 0.0 low tide @ 1:02 

Fish were active early on the tide switch today, feeding heavy from 8 to 10am. Early morning fish were hitting chartreuse 3inch swimbaits then switched to bleeding olive herring. Catch and released everything except two 18inch plus sand bass that were foul hooked and coughing up blood.

10 spotted bass, 4 sand bass, 
1 small halibut

Sand Bass had a 2 inch crab undigested in its stomach. Must of grabbed it off the pilings.