Friday, May 27, 2011

First Light

TIDE  |  MOON : : 3.5 high @ 6:49am and a 1.5 low @ 12:15
(caught legal halibut at around 9am as tide was switching)
I fished the bay earlier in the week on Wednesday and had a good idea where to go and what color swim baits they were hitting. I started at the front of the bay at first light waiting for the tide to switch and then worked my way back to the Bridge. Took about a half hour to find the right presentation and drift angle at my first spot. They were hitting the chartreuse swim baits and grubs early in the morning then I switched to a new color I have been wanting to try, "Calico Hunter". Basically a Bleeding Olive Herring but it has more of a clear with red flake body and some green flecks on top.

Caught a bunch of bass right under this kelp stringer. Then I started to do long casts way out in front of kelp stringer and let it sink to the bottom and wind up. I felt a heavy weight on my line and I just kept reeling threw the hit and that's when my little bass rod got slammed. I got the beast to the surface and it was a decent halibut, I was fishing solo so I grabbed the net and the beast ran hard back down. It went back and forth like this 6 times. Every time the halibut ran back out my heart would drop. At this point I am now drifting into the jetty and have to start up the engine and move the boat while trying to keep tension of the fish. I battled it like this for about a half hour until it tired out and I could net it without it snapping me off. I was literally shaking when I got it into the boat. My nerves were shot. Super fun day fishing with all plastics.

18 Calico Bass

• 4 Spotted Bass

• 2 Halibut 
(18" and a legal at 32") 

All CATCH | PHOTO Release except for 1 Halibut for dinner

 *Caught halibut with my 
  Seeker React Bass Rod using
  a 3" Big Hammer Swim Bait

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Quarter

TIDE | MOON: : 3.7 high @ 4:23am and a 1.1 low @ 10:49  |  Bad Tides
(last quarter was on Tuesday the 24th)
Today wasn't the best day for halibut drifts, not much water movement and bad tides. Super nice day out on the water though. A little windy in the afternoon but I found some protected areas in the back bay that cut the wind down.

I got some new 3 inch Chartreuse Kalins  Grubs that I wanted to try out in the eel grass. Got some Spotted Bass off them. The 3 inch bleeding olive herring was my go to swim bait today. Halibut and Calico Bass destroyed them. I had one big run on my lightest bass rod, I was just about to get spooled  and I tightened the drag and got snapped off. Felt like a big bat ray or that's what I trying to tell myself it was. What ever it was it didn't want anything to do with me, it literally took off under the boat and just swam off out into the channel. Felt like I foul hooked the beast in its bat wing.

3 Calico Bass, 3 Spotted Bass, 1 Halibut (20 1/2")

Saturday, May 21, 2011


lin • e • age | 'line-ij |
1) lineal descent from an ancestor
2) a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor

The older I get the more I slowly evolve into my dad. Style-Habits-Hobbies. Found a box of some old photos of my dad from the late 1960's  and early 70's Striped Bass and Blue fishing. Classic. I love aesthetically how sun damaged and aged the images have become. Mixed in the box where some flicks of me as a kid fishing, skating and hanging out with my old neighborhood bmx crew.

I used to build these ghetto ramps in the drive way. This one was an old wood bench flipped upside-down with plywood laid on top and two cinder blocks to keep the bench from moving. Riding a Eric Dressen Dogtown deck. White Tracker Trucks-Red & Black Vision Street Blurs

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pelican Amigos

TIDE | MOON : :  -1.4 low @ 5:34am and a 4.1 high @ 12:04pm
(full moon was on Monday the 17th)
The bait barge had anchovies today so I got a half scoop. Did a few drifts in the front bay. Got some sand bass and calico and one small halibut. Anchovies are fun to fish with because the halibut swallow them whole, they have no hesitation, they hit them hard like bass. I fish them like plastics, long cast and reel them in super slow. Drives the halibut nuts. I was fishing the back bay with plastics and my rod got slammed on the top water. Pulled it up and I thought I had a Juvenile White Sea Bass but after closer inspection looking at its teeth and inside of its mouth I think it was a
Orange Mouth Corvina . Joey over at Squidco. confirmed that it was a Corvina because of its large front fangs and coloration of its mouth. Beautiful fish, threw it back to fight another day.

When ever I fish solo I always throw the pelicans a few bait fish and they hang out with me usually all day. They follow me from spot to spot. They keep me company while I fish. My quite observers.

1 Calico, 4 Sand Bass, 5 Spotted Bass, 2 Halibut (18" and 20"), 1 Orange Mouth Corvina
All Catch | Photo | Release—Super Nice day on the water

This is Jerome. A magnificent beast. He hung out with me for six hours today. He was stoked when I got rid of the last of 
my anchovies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vinyl Stickers

Printed some clear "bows & arrows" vinyl stickers today.  Spilled some yellow ink by accident on a sheet when I was mixing the teal color. Looked cool so I experimented on 
a few sheets with yellow paint splatters on top of the teal logo. I got all Jackson Pollock
with it. They look cool when they are cut down and stuck on a window or mirror.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Moon : : Tides and Times to Go

May 5th, 2011 : : -0.5 low @ 5:23am and a 3.6 high @t 11:50am
You want to plan your fishing trips to hit the peak of the full or new moon; usually four days on the back side of the full or new moon. Monday May 2nd was a New Moon and the tides this whole week looked good. Then you want to be on your favorite big fish spots during 
the daily rise and set of both the sun and the moon. I Got up early and had the boat in the water by 6am.  My first cast I hooked the biggest fish of the day and on that same drift I caught another three Sand Bass. They were feeding heavy for about an hour or so. Hitting the 3 inch bleeding olive herring.

Left around 8:30 and picked up Stan at Shelter Island dock. We got into some nice Spotted Bass and some more Sand Bass. Picked up a half scoop of Bait. The bait receiver had anchovies today which is always killer. Stan and I both got nice halibuts but they were shorts. Weather was good and the fish were active today.

10 Sand Bass, 4 Spotted Bass, 3 Calico Bass and 2 Halibut : : Only kept 2 Sand Bass for dinner

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