Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Be Here Now

TIDE  |  Moon : : -0.4 low @ 1:34am and a 4.5 high at 7:29am

"Living for that exact instance in the continuum of time. Its about being where you are in that instance, not where your gonna be in the future or past but where you are now as each instance unfolds" —Timothy Leary 1967

Welcome to the Jersey Shore. Woke up early and checked the beach in front of my house. West wind cleaned up the ocean, sheet glass conditions. Bunker were just off the beach out of casting range popping everywhere. They looked nervous and the bass were spraying and blowing up on them. Grabbed the kayak and paddled out into the pod of bunker and snagged one. Let it sink down a few feet and five seconds later my rod got slammed.

The bass dragged me out a 1/4 mile. Took me 30 minutes to get her in. Reached in and got the treble snag out and the striper swam off good. Released the next two the same way. Paddled back in and took one last cast and snagged another bunker, I was reeling it back to the kayak and a huge bass was following it and blasted out of the water and swallowed the 14" bunker whole. Surfaced and broke water that way twice. I was so tired I had to come in. Kristian stayed out and got 11 striped bass, all over 30lbs, released all of them except one 45 pounder.

4 Striped Bass all over 30lbs | Kept one that measured in at 46" and 41 pounds
Released 3 kept one that was Gut Hooked and wouldn't swim off, coughing up blood

Here I am holding a 14inch bunker that the Striped Bass are swallowing whole. When the bunker are in thick these striped bass are so tuned into them that is all they will hit.

Do  long cast and snag bunker with a weighted no. 10 treble hook snag.

Kristian caught 11 Stripers all over 30 pounds and kept just this one beast. Weighed over 45 pounds.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Days In California

TIDE  |  Moon : : -0.4 low @ 7:21am and a 4.1 high at 2:12pm
(First Quarter : : Wednesday June 8th)

Going back east to fish for Striped Bass. Ran the boat today to burn up the last tank of Gas.  Super nice day out. The whole month of May and the last week of June has been killer weather. Got out a little too early today because the tide bottomed out at 7:20 . I had to wait a few hours for the tide to switch and the water to start moving good again. Fished some piling structure and got an few sand bass and spotted bass. Around 9:30 the tide filled in enough and I moved up to the front of the bay. Got two halibut on one of my drifts. Then the wind picked up and screwed up my drift direction. Fished the middle bay and caught a nice Orange-Mouth Corvina. It hit the 5inch MC Swimbait Slug with Chartreuse 1/2oz. War head.

2 Spotted Bass | 4 Sand Bass | 3 Calico Bass | 2 Halibut (one was just shy of legal  21")

Catch | Photo >>> Release

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Striped Bass Shirts

I just finished printing up some Striped Bass Shirts. Shipped out the first batch of them. Should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Two shirt colors, White with Navy ink and Black shirts with metallic Silver Ink. My illustration had a lot of detail so I burned it on a 225 mesh, I was really surprised the metallic ink pulled through. They printed killer. I also printed some "Mayfly" t-shirts. Black shirts with Gold ink. The Mayfly is predominately used for fly fishing for trout. 

I used Triple A shirts because they were on sale. T-shirt prices like everything else have gone up for some reason. American Apparel prices got way too expensive, even wholesale. The Triple A shirts are like Dickies Pants, super stiff to start out but after a handful of washes they get good. Collar is large but it will shrink up.

Friday, June 3, 2011


TIDE  |  Moon : : -0.9 low @ 5:13am and a 3.8 high at 11:46am
(New Moon : : Was on Wednesday June 1st)

There was good water movement this morning so I tried a few drifts for halibut with this new Bouncing Ball Rig I set up. Got no takers so I switched over to plastics and fished for bass. I got a few Calico and Sand Bass at my first spot. I tried a bunch of different colors but all they wanted today was the Chartreuse color; hit the 3inch grubs and swim baits.

Moved to towards the back bay. The wind still had not shown its ugly head yet so I was able to get up tight in on these concrete pilings. I pitched my swim bait right next to one of the pilings and let it swim down to the bottom. As soon as I put the reel in gear my rod got slammed. I had a hard time getting the bass out of the structure, it fought like a little pit bull. I got it to the surface and I tried to grab its lip and it went nuts. Nearly ripped my thumb off.

2 Spotted Bass | 5 Calico Bass |  2 Sand Bass (1 keeper at 17.5" - 5lbs.)

when your fishing structure 
the bigger bass are very territorial 
and guard their area like pit bulls. 
when they come out they hit hard 
and move back fast into the 
structure. had a hard time moving 
this one out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Red Calico Hunter

TIDE  |  Moon : : -0.7 low @ 3:59am and a 3.8 high at 10:25am
(New Moon : : Sun RISE 5:42 and SET 7:52)

There was too much tidal flow this morning. It was hard to feel the bottom and control the swim baits with a 3/8oz. lead head. Current was ripping. There was a bunch of Navy boat traffic also and the patrol boats kept making me move so I went to the out side and fished the kelp. The wind picked up real heavy around 10:30 so I pulled the engine up and drifted through the kelp and fished the stringers. 

Got a few calico bass. Came in early, didn't feel like battling the wind. I usually let all my bass go but my 80 year old next door neighbor loves Calico Bass so I gave him two. He was real appreciative and I know he will enjoy them.

2 Spotted Bass | 4 Calico Bass