Thursday, September 22, 2011

RESTRICTED : : 100 Yards

TIDE  |  Moon : : 4.2 high @ 7:07am and a 2.8 low at 11:57pm
Moon Phase : :  Last Quater

I grew up street skating in New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia and ever since I was a teenager I have been trying to avoid and run from security guards, rent a cops and the police. I have had a security cop in NYC release a Pit Bull on me for skating in their plaza. Having to push for 5 city blocks without putting your back foot on the board until the dog got tired sucked. Skating from spot to spot with no clue on how long you would have to skate forced you to focus on landing tricks fast and moving onto the next spot before the cops showed up.

Now here I am full circle fishing off my boat in the San Diego Big Bay and all the best bass and halibut spots have signs posted everywhere, Restricted Area, Stay Back 75 Feet, etc. As I move from one spot to the next I am always on edge waiting for a Navy or Harbor Police boat to fly up and tell me, "You Need to Be 100 Yards Away from the North Island Base". I just start my engine and move to another spot. I need to start fishing at night and cover my call numbers.

James: 5 Spotted Bass, 1 Calico Bass  and 1 Sand Bass
Scott: 6 Spotted Bass and 1 Barracuda

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow Drifts and Long Casts

Day ONE 9/13 : : TIDE  |  Moon : : 0.4 low @ 3:41am and a 5.6 high at 9:50pm
Day TWO 9/15 : : TIDE  |  Moon : : 1.5 low @ 4:48am and a 5.7 high at 11:01pm

Moon Phase : :  Full Moon on the Wane
thanks James for taking me out fishing on your boat today. we had a slow start this morning but after the tide switched we had a fun window of some bay bass action. super nice day out on the water.

8 Spotted Bass | 4 Calico Bass  & 1 Halibut : caught halibut at 10:30am 9/13
{this is the total for 2 days fishing this week}