Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Waves Will Wash It All Away

Woke up early today before my flight to get one last quick surf in and to try and shake this nasty hangover out of my head. Dogfish Heads  "Midas Touch"  did me dirty last night. Compiled with an onslaught of other various depressing thoughts bouncing around in my head I hoped the saltwater would wash away everything
It could be worse, way worse so Im grateful for where I'm at.

A clear and cool 65° ocean awaited me with off shore winds spraying these perfect 3 to 4 foot peaks. No one out or even on the beach. Then this guy rode his bike up next to me checking the surf, "hey I just bought a water housing for my camera would it be ok to take some photos?" Well sure, hell yeah. After the session he stopped by my beach house and gave a cd with the photos. Super stoked on the photos, it really shows how beautiful the water, waves and beaches are out here. 

All water photos taken by Erik Blaum
. Good luck on your travels the next few months in Hawaii and Costa Rica. 

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