Sunday, August 14, 2011

Long Drifts for Big Halibut

TIDE  |  Moon : : 5.1 high @ 10:35am and a 1.4 low at 4:11pm
Moon Phase : :  Full Moon was on Saturday the 13th

Took Stan and his father-in-law Les out fishing. Full moon was on Saturday so I knew later in the afternoon we would have good drifts so we went out to the kelp beds first. Hit a few spots and tied off the boat in tight to some kelp stringers. We got a handful of rockfish there. The anchovies were so small today that we had a hard time getting them down before a mackerel would swoop in on it. It was funny at first but after awhile we had to move, they were almost as bad as having a seal find you and steal your bait.

Went back in and got our second half of our split scoop of bait. The Sardines were super lively and fresh. Set up our first drift just to see how we were moving. Next few drifts I got in closer over my spot and as soon as Stan's sardine hit the bottom on this one drift his rod got slammed. He was fishing a light rod with only 8lb test. He couldn't just muscle the fish up on that pound  test so he took his time and just let the fish run and take out line a few times. Eventually it got tired enough for him to pull it up for me to net. It was gigantic. I got it in the net and half the halibut was hanging out the side going nuts. Stan cut his leader and we man handled it into the live well. I had to literally stuff it in there. This was the biggest halibut I have seen on my boat to date. Fish of a lifetime for Stan. So stoked for him.

2 Spotted Bass | 1 Sand Bass | 5 Bocaccio Rockfish | 2 Halibut

Stans' killer Halibut,  42 inches and weighing in at 28lbs.

This was a 24inch halibut but next to the 42 inch halibut it gets dwarfed in scale

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