Saturday, August 6, 2011

Slow Troll

TIDE  |  Moon : : 1.5 low @ 7:33am and a 5.8 high at 2:23pm
Moon Phase : :  First Quarter

North West wind has been blowing hard for the last few days. Up-welled some cold water slowing down the fishing a little. Water dropped from the 70s down to the low 60s. Fish are cold blooded creatures and don't like big changes in water temp.

Fished a few of my go to bass structures and caught a few Spotted and Calico Bass off plastics. Earlier in the week I was doing drifts near the jetty for bass and I caught a few small halibut where the eel grass ends and becomes sandy. So being that it was a slower day I decided to try something different and threw out a small deep diving Rapala plug.  I trolled all the way up the jetty and the came back down along the other side. There was a lot of kelp and eel grass floating in the water so when I saw my rod went over I put the boat in neutral and just assumed I was snagged on kelp. I cranked twice and felt heavy weight on the line and the pulsating fish. It wasn't head shaking like a bass so I knew I had a halibut on. Got it to the side of the boat and realized it was a keeper. This last year I have been fishing more artificials and have been surprised how aggressive halibut are. I never thought they would hit a plug on the troll. Makes me rethink of ways to fish for halibut. Super excited to get a keeper halibut but on a diving plug is special.

Made Dinner for friends this week. Halibut with Pineapple Salsa on a bed of spinach with thin sliced apples and walnuts on the side.

3 Spotted Bass | 2 Calico Bass | 4 Halibut (1 keeper @ 34 inches)

LURES: Rapala X-RAP DEEP Diving Slashbait (XRD-10 Silver), Big Hammer (3" Calico Hunter w/3/8oz. War Bait)

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