Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Degrees of Separation°

TIDE | San Diego : : 6.1 high @ 7:07am and a 0.1 low at 1:54pm | Sea Temperature 62°
Moon Phase : :  Full Moon is on November 10th, 2011 | Fuel Used : : 1.6 gallons @ $3.97 = $6.35
Time on Water : : 6:20am—12:15pm

As daylight drains from the sky along the coastline, themes from my long day spent in solitude spread with a warm glow behind my eyes.  I catch what I can catch, and there are things that break my lines and things I let go.

I spent some time exploring new structures in the big bay today. A lot of the setups looked great but weren't holding many fish. Eventually I went to my go to spots and second cast my rod got slammed by a nice Sand Bass. He coughed up a huge ghost shrimp. I immediately switched to a swimbait that was closer in color. The next forty minutes or so I got into some nice bass and one short halibut. Then everything shut down as it will and I headed in.
7 Spotted Bass, 3 Calico Bass,  1 halibut, 1 Sand Bass–18 inches weighing  in @ 2.55 lbs.
Stomach Contents : : Ghost Shrimp and Razor Clams


+ the sand bass were foraging in the eel grass and coughing 
up ghost shrimp and razor clams

+ switched to brown swimbaits, Big Hammer Toast and Bleeding Olive Herring

+ I made a plastic/fly hybrid that looks like a ghost shrimp, can't wait to give it a go

{ F  a  l  l   B  i  t  e  s }

Fish Tacos: Bass Style

Sauteed Sand Bass in lemon garlic butter on a bed of fresh spinach with avocado and Salsa Fresca wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with a thin layer of melted sharp cheddar cheese


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