Thursday, November 3, 2011

Everything Looks Better in Soft Focus

TIDE  |  Moon : : 4.7 high @ 5:45am and a 2.6 low at 11:25am | Sea Temp 63°
Moon Phase : :  First Quater

If variables look promising, I organize my lures and call my fishing buddies—the only other people sufficiently underemployed to be bored on a weekday—and we plan some visceral activity to pass the time.

Coming over the hill in Point Loma I look downtown as the sun tries to peak its weary head through a dense fog. The fog is so thick you can't see a foot in front of you which is fine because I lost my glasses earlier this week and I have been viewing the whole world in soft focus for a few days now. The fog just leveled the playing field out for me. Unfortunately I hit a few boat wakes at 20 knots and James sitting up front got some 4 foot barrels. We both got soaked but the sun came out in full force.

We fished mainly structure spots today. This is by far my favorite fishing,  I love getting up close to pilings and pitching in for big lunker bass that explode out of their hole. Big bass are territorial and guard the best spots. We had a steady bite all day through high and low tide. There is a big storm on the way and as the Barometer drops the fish can sense it so they feed heavily .

19 Spotted Bass | 2 calico | 1 halibut   {all catch photo and release today} 

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