Friday, May 27, 2011

First Light

TIDE  |  MOON : : 3.5 high @ 6:49am and a 1.5 low @ 12:15
(caught legal halibut at around 9am as tide was switching)
I fished the bay earlier in the week on Wednesday and had a good idea where to go and what color swim baits they were hitting. I started at the front of the bay at first light waiting for the tide to switch and then worked my way back to the Bridge. Took about a half hour to find the right presentation and drift angle at my first spot. They were hitting the chartreuse swim baits and grubs early in the morning then I switched to a new color I have been wanting to try, "Calico Hunter". Basically a Bleeding Olive Herring but it has more of a clear with red flake body and some green flecks on top.

Caught a bunch of bass right under this kelp stringer. Then I started to do long casts way out in front of kelp stringer and let it sink to the bottom and wind up. I felt a heavy weight on my line and I just kept reeling threw the hit and that's when my little bass rod got slammed. I got the beast to the surface and it was a decent halibut, I was fishing solo so I grabbed the net and the beast ran hard back down. It went back and forth like this 6 times. Every time the halibut ran back out my heart would drop. At this point I am now drifting into the jetty and have to start up the engine and move the boat while trying to keep tension of the fish. I battled it like this for about a half hour until it tired out and I could net it without it snapping me off. I was literally shaking when I got it into the boat. My nerves were shot. Super fun day fishing with all plastics.

18 Calico Bass

• 4 Spotted Bass

• 2 Halibut 
(18" and a legal at 32") 

All CATCH | PHOTO Release except for 1 Halibut for dinner

 *Caught halibut with my 
  Seeker React Bass Rod using
  a 3" Big Hammer Swim Bait

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