Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Quarter

TIDE | MOON: : 3.7 high @ 4:23am and a 1.1 low @ 10:49  |  Bad Tides
(last quarter was on Tuesday the 24th)
Today wasn't the best day for halibut drifts, not much water movement and bad tides. Super nice day out on the water though. A little windy in the afternoon but I found some protected areas in the back bay that cut the wind down.

I got some new 3 inch Chartreuse Kalins  Grubs that I wanted to try out in the eel grass. Got some Spotted Bass off them. The 3 inch bleeding olive herring was my go to swim bait today. Halibut and Calico Bass destroyed them. I had one big run on my lightest bass rod, I was just about to get spooled  and I tightened the drag and got snapped off. Felt like a big bat ray or that's what I trying to tell myself it was. What ever it was it didn't want anything to do with me, it literally took off under the boat and just swam off out into the channel. Felt like I foul hooked the beast in its bat wing.

3 Calico Bass, 3 Spotted Bass, 1 Halibut (20 1/2")

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