Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pelican Amigos

TIDE | MOON : :  -1.4 low @ 5:34am and a 4.1 high @ 12:04pm
(full moon was on Monday the 17th)
The bait barge had anchovies today so I got a half scoop. Did a few drifts in the front bay. Got some sand bass and calico and one small halibut. Anchovies are fun to fish with because the halibut swallow them whole, they have no hesitation, they hit them hard like bass. I fish them like plastics, long cast and reel them in super slow. Drives the halibut nuts. I was fishing the back bay with plastics and my rod got slammed on the top water. Pulled it up and I thought I had a Juvenile White Sea Bass but after closer inspection looking at its teeth and inside of its mouth I think it was a
Orange Mouth Corvina . Joey over at Squidco. confirmed that it was a Corvina because of its large front fangs and coloration of its mouth. Beautiful fish, threw it back to fight another day.

When ever I fish solo I always throw the pelicans a few bait fish and they hang out with me usually all day. They follow me from spot to spot. They keep me company while I fish. My quite observers.

1 Calico, 4 Sand Bass, 5 Spotted Bass, 2 Halibut (18" and 20"), 1 Orange Mouth Corvina
All Catch | Photo | Release—Super Nice day on the water

This is Jerome. A magnificent beast. He hung out with me for six hours today. He was stoked when I got rid of the last of 
my anchovies.

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