Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Moon : : Tides and Times to Go

May 5th, 2011 : : -0.5 low @ 5:23am and a 3.6 high @t 11:50am
You want to plan your fishing trips to hit the peak of the full or new moon; usually four days on the back side of the full or new moon. Monday May 2nd was a New Moon and the tides this whole week looked good. Then you want to be on your favorite big fish spots during 
the daily rise and set of both the sun and the moon. I Got up early and had the boat in the water by 6am.  My first cast I hooked the biggest fish of the day and on that same drift I caught another three Sand Bass. They were feeding heavy for about an hour or so. Hitting the 3 inch bleeding olive herring.

Left around 8:30 and picked up Stan at Shelter Island dock. We got into some nice Spotted Bass and some more Sand Bass. Picked up a half scoop of Bait. The bait receiver had anchovies today which is always killer. Stan and I both got nice halibuts but they were shorts. Weather was good and the fish were active today.

10 Sand Bass, 4 Spotted Bass, 3 Calico Bass and 2 Halibut : : Only kept 2 Sand Bass for dinner

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