Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Days In California

TIDE  |  Moon : : -0.4 low @ 7:21am and a 4.1 high at 2:12pm
(First Quarter : : Wednesday June 8th)

Going back east to fish for Striped Bass. Ran the boat today to burn up the last tank of Gas.  Super nice day out. The whole month of May and the last week of June has been killer weather. Got out a little too early today because the tide bottomed out at 7:20 . I had to wait a few hours for the tide to switch and the water to start moving good again. Fished some piling structure and got an few sand bass and spotted bass. Around 9:30 the tide filled in enough and I moved up to the front of the bay. Got two halibut on one of my drifts. Then the wind picked up and screwed up my drift direction. Fished the middle bay and caught a nice Orange-Mouth Corvina. It hit the 5inch MC Swimbait Slug with Chartreuse 1/2oz. War head.

2 Spotted Bass | 4 Sand Bass | 3 Calico Bass | 2 Halibut (one was just shy of legal  21")

Catch | Photo >>> Release

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