Saturday, June 4, 2011

Striped Bass Shirts

I just finished printing up some Striped Bass Shirts. Shipped out the first batch of them. Should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Two shirt colors, White with Navy ink and Black shirts with metallic Silver Ink. My illustration had a lot of detail so I burned it on a 225 mesh, I was really surprised the metallic ink pulled through. They printed killer. I also printed some "Mayfly" t-shirts. Black shirts with Gold ink. The Mayfly is predominately used for fly fishing for trout. 

I used Triple A shirts because they were on sale. T-shirt prices like everything else have gone up for some reason. American Apparel prices got way too expensive, even wholesale. The Triple A shirts are like Dickies Pants, super stiff to start out but after a handful of washes they get good. Collar is large but it will shrink up.

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