Friday, June 3, 2011


TIDE  |  Moon : : -0.9 low @ 5:13am and a 3.8 high at 11:46am
(New Moon : : Was on Wednesday June 1st)

There was good water movement this morning so I tried a few drifts for halibut with this new Bouncing Ball Rig I set up. Got no takers so I switched over to plastics and fished for bass. I got a few Calico and Sand Bass at my first spot. I tried a bunch of different colors but all they wanted today was the Chartreuse color; hit the 3inch grubs and swim baits.

Moved to towards the back bay. The wind still had not shown its ugly head yet so I was able to get up tight in on these concrete pilings. I pitched my swim bait right next to one of the pilings and let it swim down to the bottom. As soon as I put the reel in gear my rod got slammed. I had a hard time getting the bass out of the structure, it fought like a little pit bull. I got it to the surface and I tried to grab its lip and it went nuts. Nearly ripped my thumb off.

2 Spotted Bass | 5 Calico Bass |  2 Sand Bass (1 keeper at 17.5" - 5lbs.)

when your fishing structure 
the bigger bass are very territorial 
and guard their area like pit bulls. 
when they come out they hit hard 
and move back fast into the 
structure. had a hard time moving 
this one out.

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