Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Red Calico Hunter

TIDE  |  Moon : : -0.7 low @ 3:59am and a 3.8 high at 10:25am
(New Moon : : Sun RISE 5:42 and SET 7:52)

There was too much tidal flow this morning. It was hard to feel the bottom and control the swim baits with a 3/8oz. lead head. Current was ripping. There was a bunch of Navy boat traffic also and the patrol boats kept making me move so I went to the out side and fished the kelp. The wind picked up real heavy around 10:30 so I pulled the engine up and drifted through the kelp and fished the stringers. 

Got a few calico bass. Came in early, didn't feel like battling the wind. I usually let all my bass go but my 80 year old next door neighbor loves Calico Bass so I gave him two. He was real appreciative and I know he will enjoy them.

2 Spotted Bass | 4 Calico Bass

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