Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fishing the Letters

TIDE  |  Moon : : 6.1 high @ 9:08am and a 0.3 low at 3:37pm
Moon Phase : :  Full Moon

We were supposed to go lobstering tonight but the weather has not been cooperating the last week or so. Rain and bigger ocean swells has kept me inshore. Heavy dense fog has been rolling in the last few nights into the early am.

Fog burned off around noon today so we just hit some bass spots in the bay for a few hours. When we first got out it was so windy that we had to tie off to structure and later anchor, drift was too fast. Slower day but nice out on the water. We still got a handful of bass and James got a nice 20 inch Corvina. .

2 Spotted Bass, 3 Calico Bass  and 1 Orange Mouth Corvina

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