Thursday, October 27, 2011

A View from Above

TIDE  |  Moon : : 7.5 high @ 9:33am and a -1.3 low at 4:28pm
Moon Phase : :  Full Moon was on Wednesday the 26th | Sea Temp : : 64° F

"There have been certain times in life, and this is one of them, when I can actually feel myself circling the endless eddy of the sucker hole, where all I can do is wait until I can kick back out into the current.  It's the simple things—spotted bay bass on the artificial" Cameron Scott

With and extreme high tide early this morning the fish were hunkered down just waiting for the tide to switch. I told James from 11 o'clock on will be our window. We decided to hit the fuel dock and grab a beer. I discovered a new eel grass flat the other day and we fished that next. James got slammed by three big bass in this spot right around 11:30. Our second spot also produced another 5-6 big spotted bass. They were feeding heavy from 11am to 12:45. We had a nice window of action, James killed it today with the Bleeding Olive Herring with 3/8oz red lead head. 

9 Spotted Bass | 5 of them went legal all nice size bass  {catch photo and release today}

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