Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hunt, Gather, Cook

TIDE  |  Moon : : 6.5 high @ 11:48am and a -0.4 low at 7:14pm
Moon Phase : :  Full Moon on the wane | Sea Temp : : 61° F

"There is a state of dulcet calm that I only find when reading, writing, hunting or fishing. It is that blessedly sparse mental landscape where everything falls away and I become singularly focused on being exactly where I am to the best of my abilities" ~Miles Nolte

I fished the bay twice this week so I navigated out to the kelp beds for a change of scenery. Perfect conditions on the water today, warm, sunny and sheet glass water. My first stop was to get some smelt and mackerel so I can lobster later this week. I brought my Sabiki Rod out to the kelp and got a few dozen bait fish. Then I hit a few deep water structures with the Vertical Jigs and got a few rock fish. I vented one successfully and it swam down ok but the other one kept turning over so I kept it for fish tacos. Then I came in through the slalom course of lobster buoys around the point. That was the hardest thing I did all day.

4 Spotted Bass | 2 Rock Fish {Sabiki: Smelt and Mackerel for lobstering} 


Williamson Abyss Speed Jig: Blue-4oz.

Edge Fishing Red Fish Flurry:  
3" Minnow

War Baits Slayer Heads: Orange-3/8oz


Dos Fish Tacos: Rock Fish Style

Sauteed Rock Fish in garlic butter over a bed of spinach, red onion, topped with fresh tomato on a flour tortilla with a drizzle of ranch dressing on top 

Lobster Season in full Swing

Sabiki: Smelt and Mackerel

All the fish I keep during lobster season I save their heads and any areas from the carcass that have some residual meat left on it. I zip-lock bag them and put them in the freezer

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